Flowers Delivery in Saint-Petersburg

Delivery of flowers is provided in St.Petersburg, Russia and metropolicy.

Everyday! From 8:00 till 22:00 local time (Moscow).

Attention! Delivery is provided for orders price starting from 900 rubles!

Rates and terms


  • St.Petersburg basic delivery -  400 Rubles, free if total exceed 3000 rubles
  • Zone 2 - St.Petersburg remote districts  – 600 Rubles;
  • Zone 3 - St.Petersburg suburb - 1000 Rubles;
  • Zone 4 - remote suburbs - 2000 Rubles

If you hesitate about the zone that fits you - choose "St.Petersburg Basic delivery", we will contact you to update payment in case it was wrong.

Map of our delivery zones

For early booking we guarantee accurate time within an hour.

You can give us only phone number and name, we will contact reciever and bring flowers where and when they wish.

Right after delivery we send you notification via e-mail.

Ask any questions Evgeny Lell, manager,

Viber/WhatsUp/Telegram/iMessage   +7 (921) 302-17-54

You will get instant reply.

More about specific terms and conditions.