Terms and conditions

Making an order

  1. We accept only prepaid We cannot call receiver to find out whether delivery is possible before we get your payment. We can always do refund if order is cancelled.
  2. Refund for PayPal payments has a charge up to 4,5% commission. Use bank cards – there is no commission for refund.
  3. If you change your mind and want to cancel your order, refund can be made only if you ask about earlier than 4 hours before delivery (only working hours considered 8 – 22 Moscow). If we get your request beforehand, we can issue refund.


  1. Delivery by the end of working hours (after 8 p.m.) requires a preliminary call before deliveryman starts. If you do not want us to call beforehand, you should be ready to pay extra 1000 rubles in case of second delivery on the other day if we cannot find receiver at home. This charge is important for us, as we have problems when delivery guy cannot return bouquet to the shop after failing delivery.
  2. Courier is ready to wait at the address for 20 minutes, no longer. If in 20 minutes nobody opens the door or answers the phone, bouquet returns to the shop. We will inform you immediately and send a bill for second delivery (400 rubles for Zone 1).
  3. Second delivery attempt or delivery to new address cost 400 rubles in Zone 1.
  4. If we cannot contact receiver or receiver does not tell the address, you can order delivery to another person in Saint-Petersburg. Refund cannot be made.
  5. In case of delivery failure we can save the bouquet for second delivery up to 24 hours. If we cannot contact receiver within 24 hours, you have to buy fresh one.
  6. If delivery is late for more than 15 minutes of scheduled time, second delivery goes for free.

After delivery

  1. If you need to claim feel free to write to email evlell1404@gmail.com, or any messenger +79217864231. We will not miss any of your claims and questions. It is very important for us. We kindly ask you to understand that we will need some pictures of flowers to know what happened and how. And we ask to send claims as soon as you find the problem. Reasonable time to consider complaint is 24 hours from delivery.